Minecraft, Swedish developer Markus Alexej Persson
In other words, it was developed by Notch, the first alpha version was published in 2008, and Microsoft in 2014 for $ 2.5 billion.
It is a sandbox game purchased by Mojang Studios and published by Mojang Studios in version 1.7.7. The game allows players to make designs with blocks. It has 3D voxel graphics.
The cost of the game is 23.95 Euros.

Now let's talk about the characters, there are two deafult characters in the game.




One is Steve and one is Alex
Alex is Steve's boyfriend
but you can load the skin you want in the game if you are going to upload a girl character
If you are going to upload a slim male character, you choose normal.

One of the people who promoted the game the most and received an award in Turkey is "Adal", his real name is "Doğukan Yılmaz". You can see his skins on the side.

The 1.17 version released 1 year ago was going to be the biggest update, but Mojang Studios realized that it couldn't do most things and transferred the update to 1.18, but the same thing happened again and the biggest update was postponed to 1.19. In this update, the strongest game character, Warden (you can see him on the side)
new dimension but we don't know the name and shape of the new dimension.



Minecraft, the best selling game in the world, has reached 300 million sales and this is not even the number of crack game users
If we add crack games, this number goes up to 2 billion.


Minecraft has 3 main platforms:
Java Edition
Bedrock Edition
Education Edition
Java Edition
It is the most played version and passes as the main version.
Bedrock Edition
It's more optimized than java but we can't go to previous versions
Education Edition is a school version, and it is a good platform for learning coding, but Mojang Studios stopped support in 2019, so there are 2 versions.
"Java Edition" and "Bedrock Edition"
You can go to Adal's Video to learn a more detailed version.


One of the best features of Bedrock, RTX (Ray Tracing)
It allows us to play like the real

Minecraft runs on the following operating systems
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
Runs on Java operating system
Nintendo Switch


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